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Free the pirates' captives at Silent Mire.
Zone: Deshaan
Objective: Silent Mire — Help the Argonian village of Silent Mire.
Quest Giver: Leel-Vata
Location(s): Silent Mire
Prerequisite Quest: The Ravaged Village
Reward: Argonian Muck Minder of Mother's Sorrow
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard XP
ID: 3624
The simulacrum of Seeks-the-Night
Leel-Vata asked me to rescue the captured Argonian villagers from the Khajiiti pirates.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Leel-Vata.
  2. Find the key.
  3. Free the captives.
  4. Return to Leel-Vata.
  5. Mark Seeks-the-Night's home.
  6. Return to Vara-Zeen.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Saving the ArgoniansEdit

You can start the quest by talking to Leel-Vata north of Silent Mire, at the same spot she was at at the end of the previous quest, The Ravaged Village.

"The villagers are still here—waiting to be shipped off as slaves.
Seeks-the-Night walks in the shadow of the sun. This evil is his doing."
How can we free the captive villagers?
"The Khajiit use chains and locks to bind the captured villagers. Find the key and set them free.
It seems so simple when I say it, but I'm sure this river hides jagged rocks. It is beyond my abilities."
I'll find the key. Anything else?
"Just a little advice. Start at that large tent. That's where I'd hide my key if I were a Khajiit.
If you are not killed and left to the crabs, I will meet you at the meditation mound when you are finished."
I'll set your people free.

The large tent can be found just a bit north of Leel-Vata. Note that in Silent Mire you will find many Renrijra Maor around; you will have to fight them. Head north, enter the tent, and search the Pirate Strongbox inside to find the Pirate Key. After picking up the key, Seeks-the-Night appears in front of you. If you want to, you can speak to him.

"Arrogant dryskin! Meddling in the affairs of the Saxhleel."
You must be Seeks-the-Night.
'And you're an outsider fumbling around in events you don't understand.
Leave this place before you do something you'll regret."

You must now free nine Argonian Captives. They are found in groups of three around posts with chains on them. The first post is just south of the large tent. Head there and use the key to free the Argonians there. The next two posts are to the east of this one, one to the north and one to the south. Head to those in turn and free the Argonians there as well. Once you free the last of them, a simulacrum of Seeks-the-Night appears.

"You persist in annoying me. You are as irritating as a marsh fly."
"Why try to mend what is already broken beyond repair?"
Show yourself and we can settle this.
"You've spent too much time with miserable Dark Elves and stupid Nords. I'll not be baited by your taunts.
I'm long gone from this place, fool. You're speaking to an echo. You cannot harm me any more than you can hurt your own shadow."
I'll find a way to stop you.
"And I will enjoy watching you fumble and fail!
Go back to my sister and tell her of her thin-scaled mate's failure. Vara-Zeen was never worthy to lead the village. He couldn't stop me and he was never worthy of my sister!"
We'll see.

Killing Seeks-the-NightEdit

Head back to the area north of the village where Leel-Vata is, and you find her praying at an altar. Speak to her.

"Have you rescued the villagers captured by the Khajiit?"
Yes. And I met Seeks-the-Night—or a shadow of him. Unfortunately, he has fled the area.
"He fears vengeance for all he's done, and he's right to be afraid. But he forgets the power of the Hist. I believe we can use the Hist to force him to return.
Perhaps that is why he took the branch and gave it to the Khajiit in the first place."
How can we make him return?
"It's said a Saxhleel can sometimes be called home by the Hist. I'll give you the branch. Use it to mark the door to my brother's home.
If it summons him, kill Seeks-the-Night. Kill my brother."
I'll do it.

Leel-Vata gives you the Hist Branch. You now must head to Seeks-the-Night's home. His hut is in the north-west of the Silent Mire village; head there and approach his door. Use the branch outside the door, and the door will become shrouded with green magic. Enter the house, and you find Seeks-the-Night inside.

"No! The Hist calls to me. Pulls me back!"

You now have to kill Seeks-the-Night. He can be quite difficult at a low level, so you may need to use potions or ultimate abilities. Once he is dead, leave the house and exit the village out the western exit. Speak to Vara-Zeen outside the village.

"You have returned. Is he …?"
It's done. Seeks-the-Night is dead.
"The traitor is dead, but that brings me no joy. I can only hope that Silent Mire will be left in peace once more.
I'll return the branch to Leel-Vata. Take this, friend. It's not much, but it's what we can spare."

He rewards you with some leveled gold and the Argonian Muck Minder of Mother's Sorrow.

Quest StagesEdit

The Saving of Silent Mire
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
The captured villagers are locked in chains. Leel-Vata suggested that I search the large tent for a key to unlock the prisoners.
Objective: Find the Key to the Chains
Now that I have the key, I need to start to set the Argonian captives free.
Objective: Free Argonian Captives
A simulacrum of Seeks-the-Night has appeared in front of me. I should speak to it and see what it has to say.
Objective: Talk to Seeks-the-Night
I freed the captured villagers and talked to Seeks-the-Night. Now I need to find Leel-Vata at the meditation mound and let her know what happened.
Objective: Talk to Leel-Vata
I need to use the Hist branch to mark the door to Seeks-the-Night's home in Silent Mire.
Objective: Mark Seeks-the-Night's Home
Seeks-the-Night can now be summoned back to Silent Mire. I must do so within the walls of his home. When he appears, I must kill him.
Objective: Kill Seeks-the-Night
Objective Hint: Enter Seeks-the-Night's Hut
☑Finishes quest Seeks-the-Night is dead. I should speak to Vara-Zeen outside of the village and inform him of all that occurred.
Objective: Talk to Vara-Zeen